8 Times When Flowers are the Best Gift


When you want to say something to a person without words, then flowers are the most versatile way to do it. Everybody will be pleased with your sign of attention, expressed in the form of bouquets of flowers. A good bouquet can be both an addition to the main gift and the main gift. It all depends on the situation and to whom you give flowers. Choose the best type of flowers for bouquet for all occasions using the My Flowers delivery service.


On a first date, a bouquet helps a man express his intentions and feelings. Every man wants to make the best impression on a woman. Therefore, an invariable attribute of the first romantic date is a bouquet of flowers, image of which should be thought out in advance. Flowers on a first date will tell about generosity, gallantry, and sympathy. They will help to tell the woman that the man wants to please her.

You don’t have to choose large luxurious bouquets for a first date. It will be enough to give a few roses of pink or peach color. You should also pay attention to lilies, daisies, and tulips.


Birthday is one the most popular gift occasions that everyone is always happy about. Not a single congratulation on this wonderful celebration can do without a colorful and bright bouquet. You can give any flowers for a birthday. The main thing is that the bouquet should be exclusive and tell about your feelings without words!

Picking a bouquet for a birthday is an individual matter. You need to rely on your taste, on the preferences of a person, as well as on financial capabilities. If you believe in the meanings, then you need to consider what plants mean in “flower language”.

Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is an international holiday in honor of mothers, which has become a symbol of respect, gratitude, and love for women. Mom’s love is an example of boundless patience, care, and attention. That is why it is so important to choose flowers on this day because they will ideally express gratitude to your mother.

A bouquet for mom, according to florists, does not have to be very expensive or lush. Experts advise choosing a bouquet for Mother’s Day, taking into account the temperament and lifestyle of the recipient. An original way to congratulate your mother will be not only a bouquet but also a nice basket of flowers.


A wedding without flowers is simply unthinkable. All guests, parents, and witnesses congratulate the newlyweds, accompanying warm words with gifts and bouquets.

If you are invited to a wedding, be sure to present the newlyweds with magnificent flowers. This is how you express that you share the joy of a significant event with them.

The bouquet must be appropriate. It should be clarified in advance in what environment the event will take place. For a classic wedding in a luxurious restaurant, a bouquet of wildflowers is not suitable, even if it seems sweet and sincere. Traditionally, pastel-colored bouquets are presented at the wedding.


A wedding anniversary is an important event in the life of every family. This day is filled with love, warmth, and care. No anniversary is complete without congratulations and flowers.

A beautiful bouquet will remind a loved one of your gratitude, love, and respect. A flower arrangement for a spouse should be luxurious and elegant, expressing warm feelings. To create a bouquet, you can use royal roses, fragrant peonies, or delicate tulips. The florist from My Flowers will help you create a great gift.

Birth of a child

It is unlikely that in the life of a woman, there is a more significant event than the birth of a child. When she meets relatives and friends, she expects compliments and sincere wishes.

In this case, the bouquet is an expression of love and gratitude. A young mother will realize that the father of her child and relatives are really happy as she is. For such an event, you should present her favorite flowers or order an elegant arrangement in a box.

The 14th of February

Flowers are the most popular and sought-after gift for Valentine’s Day. With the help of a beautiful bouquet, you can show everything that cannot be expressed in words.

On February 14, it is customary to give flowers, which are a symbol of love, sympathy, passion, admiration, and affection. Flowers that carry similar meanings are roses, orchids, tulips, carnations, gladioli, peonies, etc.

Wishing to Get Well

When someone from relatives or friends is sick, you want to support the person in any way. One of the best options is to give flowers.

Green is called the color of hope. Therefore, if you wish for recovery, green shades should dominate. You can choose flowers with thick leaves. For example, tulips with light-colored buds and bright green leaves would be a great choice.

For all these occasions for flowers, delivery service will come in handy. Moreover, you can congratulate not only a woman but also a man with a bouquet. Professional florists will help you to choose the right bouquet that will make the recipient happy.

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